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If defense floats your then welcome t the waters the NFC wholesale nhl jerseys South Divisi Its wher pair of NFL Top 10 defense while th ot two teams th division a knocking on the door. Dont get too comfy, though, as the leagues newest gunslinger, Atlanta he coach Bobby Pet enter looking to sink shi or two his maiden season.

Here is my take of teams in th NFC SOUTH DIVISION fo 2007. Coming next: th NFC WEST DIVISION. EnjoyTeam Them C JESUS CHRIST, SUPER STAR

Bobby Petrino, one of seven new head coaches the scene in t NFL this season, left lofty p th C (40 9 four seasons with Lo to fly over to the F f lot reasons. Surely, t lu of a boatload dead pr a huge reas for the move, but th desire t make super scra Micha Vick super QB, th biggest i on hi d V transfo to a p passer i expected wholesale jerseys china to happ under Petrinos div assistance. F that to happen, F receive Michael Jenkins, Joe Horn (free agent from New Orle and Roddy White are go to need career years. Sudd the onus is all on the arm (yikes) Vi t r him in more w than one. Hed better clean, fresh water bottle.

PLAY ON: a dog at N Orleans (10/21) KEYTeam Theme C HEADS, WERE IN

On the h of a coin flipping 8 8 effort last year, t Panthers were acti d the off season. After extend star WR Steve Smith cont for additional three ye th acquired the se former Texan QB D Carr. He figures t keep the heat on Jake Delhomme. L w f Delhomme remains th abs BEST UNDERDOG of all starting QBs in the NFL (12 6 SU 15 2 1 ATS career starts, a to the QUARTERBACK LEAGUE at it). Three p in the NFL draft C LB Jon Be (Miam WR Dw Jarrett (USC) DE Charles Johnson (Georgia) all figur to contribute. The return MLB Dan Morgan, out m l sea with c p w be a hug p he re healthy. John Foxs tend of alternating playoff a makes h due this season.

PLAY ON: as dogs at Tampa Bay (12/30)



If the gave a Rook of the Yea trophy in the NFL fo coaches, Sean cheap nhl jerseys china Payton would have won the award landsl Inheriting a 3 13 that w la seen in the playoffs in 2000, Payton took his team to the NFC ch game befor finally bowing wholesale nba jerseys out t the Bears. And the truth of the matter i t better on the field th on t score winning t stats in fourteen the eighteen games they played in 2006. T offense received a real shot th arm last year with t additi of Pro Bowl QB Drew Bree and top draft pic RB Reggie Bush. Thi yea t s WR R Meachem (Tennessee) in th fir round t draft along with RB Antonio P (Oh State). They ar building for the future.

PLAY ON: at Carolin (11/25)



Jon Gruden bit the bullet and steadfast he declined an opportunity t move u two slots in the draft to select WR Calvin Johnson. W too h to fill, chose DE G Adams (Clemson) with the No. 4 c in the first round rather th giving aw ext pick By the end of t draft, Grud had selected ten players that will become t foc point of the teams future. Sure, t still need help at w recei and running positi but at least the are sol footing for ye t come. Addre another need, Gruden signed free ag QBs Jeff Garcia Jake Plumme Together, with incumbent starter Chris Simms, the for an expe cast signal caller Afte being division last season, look for r to b driving force for t Bucs this year.Articles Connexes:

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