From small beginnings in 2009, UK LED has become an international player. 

UK LED was founded in 2009 importing LED lighting. and has grown into one of the leading suppliers of innovative LED lamps, clusters and arrays. We have been leading the way in LED design and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps, as direct replacements for incandescent bulbs. We satisfy our customers both UK and international by delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality within the agreed price and schedule.  
From the very outset we recognised the potential of the LED lighting as it complimented and extended the product range of the installation business. As it utilised existing skill-sets such as small wire engineering which is not dissimilar to that used in automatic doors. replacing all the lighting in a school with LEDs. 
When working in the public sector replacing all lighting in schools with LEDs, our procedures and exacting standards are of paramount importance, while fulfilling both contracts and health and safety requirements. 
The business forged ahead, sourcing the raw material from overseas and setting up a production facility in China. Originally the LED products were bought from various Chinese factories this resulted in product inconsistency which was not aligned with the high standards demanded by UK LED. So in 2010 The decision was made to travel to Shenzhen, China to set up a manufacturing unit that would produce a product that lived up to the quality standards required. 

Our manufacturing practices 

China's business practices and culture are very different to the UK. In order to run the new facility in Shenzhen, China we recruited an experienced Chinese manager to manage the factory and oversee its workforce. 
To compliment the Chinese operation, we now have a new UK production factory for LEDs on premises in Bromborough on the Wirral, bucking the trend by backing British manufacturing. ‘We are proud that it’s the first manufacturing facility of its type in the UK. The growth in energy efficient lighting has made this development possible.’ 

Why the UK rather than another unit in China? 

We chose to invest in the UK factory for a number of reasons. ‘Some clients, in international markets, for example India and the Middle East, prefer production to be UK based. The UK labour cost is considerably more expensive here than it is in China and the only way we can economically afford to run the new facility is with a fully automated production environment, using one person to control all the machinery to produce 1,000 tubes a week. 

UKLED's success 

For UK LED progress has come quickly. The company turnover continues to increase in line with company's reputation. 
With a reputation as a progressive company UK LED continues to be progressive. Its latest development is Filament Technology, that is low energy LED lighting designed to mimic the appearance of old style incandescent lighting. This makes low energy lighting attractive to people who wish to retain a more traditional décor. 
Growth is next on the agenda with UK LED having its sights firmly set on further expansion into the Middle East and Asia. 
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