arrested three people on felony

authentic steelers michael vick womens jersey of Salem and Christopher Blackburn of Columbus, Ga 1 priority in the budget, and Republican lawmakers adjusted other spending as needed to ensure the money was there to pay for itSeveral artists teamed up for unforgettable duets during the sold out festivalIn this regard, the F 35 is inferior combatant, seriously outclassed by even older Russian and Chinese jets that can fly faster and farther and maneuver betterThe arrests came from a series of search warrants executed by police since March, the last of which was May 9 Each requires a driver, and use quite a bit of water If you want to smoke, go do it in your own home and leave every one else’s lungs alone

steelers michael vick womens jersey Made in Charleston awards to be presentedMade in Charleston awards to be presentedCharleston is again bestowing awards on craftsman and artisans for their locally made productsKilgore was arrested and charged with public intoxication in his hometown of Kingsport, Tenn SHE CO STARRED WITH ROBERT MITCHUM Walberg full story ; Mental Health ResearchL Dopa Medication Could Be Helpful in Treatment of Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder July 9, 2014 A drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease could also help people with phobias or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), scientists report “Repealing those provisions would have a chilling effect on our ability to invest in the InteriorThe option issue will be subject to shareholder approval to be obtained following the issue of the placement shares

“Would I like to see it drop to zero? Yes97 So I really did itWeird stuffThe $1 Toronto Maple LeafsAs a Leafs fan, I’ll admit that I’m a little biased in the top pick but I have a damn good right to beDespite a spirited effort that offered encouragement to the 9,000 visiting fans, only a succession of fine saves by Pepe Reina kept the game alive until the end authentic michael vick womens jersey

He plans to return to FSU and finish his degreeWith the refrigeration units down, Lyons said the store had no choice but to close until the problems were resolved We have two free days for which I was looking for something fun to doStart of sidebar Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ is the top seller, although cultivars of western red cedar (Thuja plicata) such as ‘Excelsior’ and ‘Atrovirens’ are also very good performers, provided they are pruned properly every year spends $2M on ‘support services’Natural gas, oil odor sickens Northside neighbors, deemed ‘public nuisance’Owlz clinch first half title with 8 4 win over OspreyFRITZ NEIGHBOR: No bliss for wretched Royals fansRocky Mountain hires ex Lady Griz Torry HillGriz Henderson on CFPA list at returnerRams cut ex Griz LB McSurdySawtooth Lake: Spectacular views, family friendly hikingGreen gratin: Grated dish as easy as finding chard, spinachJams increasingly strutting their savory sideMelons are summer on a plateLaw enforcement officers in Salmon, Idaho, arrested three people on felony drug and weapons charges as the result of a burglary and narcotics investigationAnd that’s a concern to Neptune Chief Executive Officer Ron Hooper steelers michael vick youth jersey

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of an athlete and a studentAfte

Arkansas is one of the few states where greyhound racing is still legal, but Southland Park’s slot machines are far more popular than its canine athletesPASSING DEFENSE: A minus Eli Manning was able to give the Giants a shot with 280 passing yardsStill, it will be the Lakers’ highest pick since 1982, when they chose Worthy over DePaul’s Terry Cummings and Georgia’s Dominique Wilkins”The Gleaner took umbrage at the remark and suggested that politics had better stay off the cricket pitchBrazilian striker Brandao has also been recalled following the end of his loan spell with Gremio after Deschamps admitted it was “the only feasible short term solution” in attack My husband needs a gluten free diet and he managed to eat well here although did take his own gluten free bread I feel like a lot of guys that carry often are the same group of guys that don’t care much for fashion and wouldn’t mind throwing on a fanny pack to make it work Peyton Manning Jersey

Authentic Peyton Manning Jersey It wasn’t the accent that made me laugh, but rather the Robin Leach intonation5th Annual Dog Days of SummerSat, August 2 7:00 amActivities include photo stations, Frosty Paw Treats; appearance by Topaz, the Glendale Fire Department’s crisis response dog; watering stations; pet aura photos; fresh baked dog treats; a fashion More about this event The median for all full time workers in Tuscaloosa is about $33,000 “Give them a chance to hear their voice, to hear their storiesShortly after the report was issued, athletic director Hans Mueh announced his early retirementBig Night GalaMaranda Klapowich and Amanda Horton (left to right) attend the Big Night Gala at the Ciociaro Club in Windsor on Friday, April 25, 2014 I may want to move it to another part of my driveway or keep it if I move or if I ever go to sell it when kids are older

Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey Here, for the first time, the new “it” girl bares allDISTANCE: A few testers pick up an extra 5 to 10 yards, while most experience comparable length to their own hybridsIt’s unfortunate that Mr All you need to do is add an engine and transmission (not included) and your chariot of fire will come to life”In my mind, it’s foolproof,” he told the supervisors, who serve as the Open Space District’s board of directors17 Try getting a war vet back from Asia who fell and broke a hip while on a soldiers reunion trip

Jordy Nelson Womens Jersey “Pearson matched a career high with three touchdown passes while completing 11 of 15 throws for 129 yardsRudock is a beacon for what you want out of an athlete and a studentAfter that meeting, the two had “several other sexual encounters” between April and July, before the victim turned 18, the report statesAdd a USB Power Outlet in Your Car: Add a USB Power Outlet in Your Car Given the bulky nature of 12volt adapters for vehicles, I decided to integrate a USB power outlet in my 2010 Prius III Aswad never intended to subject his patients to risk and that DrThe “happen to” in my comment relates not to usually not being there or knowing the intersection (I do), but that I happen to DRIVE through the intersection which is actually very rare for me”And perhaps the complainers could be right

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player who, after being involve

011800115001180011600HE: Premiere 4 It’s about the only explanation other than they are immature boors with little couth and less intelligence, loot and trash and commit crimes to protest police violence “Our cars (today) run so low to the ground there can’t be any transitions your bags, make sure you don come through with things you not going to have time to put back, said Lewin [Watch the Video]7, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Andy Serkis with James Spader and Samuel L Derek Carr Jersey

No firm date was set, The Sun Sentinel reportedUnder Bouteflika, the OPEC producer has become a partner in Washington’s campaign against al Qaeda linked militants in the Maghreb and a supplier of about a fifth of Europe’s gas importsAir bag recalls rattle car owners in USign in with FacebookSign in with GoogleSign In FAQYou are logged in asLog outSign In FAQThis 2003 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab 4x4The Wall of Honour was erected in the public lobby of “K” Division Headquarters, and officially unveiled during a dedication ceremony January 5, 2002June 30, 2011: Speculation that her wedding day is drawing nearer begins as Kim, Khlo Kardashian Odom, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner are spotted at the Vera Wang boutique, chatting with the designer herself I stay home, stay focused, check on my family, ground myself and try to figure out who I am where I’m at as a person, and how I’m growingand black is the new blondeThe backdrop to the catwalk was a wallpapered corridor, lined with heavy wooden doors through which models, including Kate Moss returning to the catwalk after a two year break, emerged Womens Jameis Winston Jersey

Honk! Jr 14, while today’s notice was distributed more broadly(More on Newsfeed: Expert: FAA Short on Cash, Skimping on Training and Long Aware of Sleeping Workers)Previously called flights, short for familiarization, the program has been under ice for 10 years, but it was once popular within the the controller communityEnergy minister warns it will be two years before $70 oil returnsWhile investment in the oilsands is slowing and jobs are being lost, Energy Minister Frank Oberle says)Short strokes: Our findings/interpretations/strategic recommendations are weapons for the agency’s intelligence arsenal, hopefully to be used to connect people to the brands in our stewardship better than any other advertising agency in the world”You may want to talk to the victim about whether she would allow (my private review of her) most recent treatment Soldiers often wear the keffiyeh folded in half into a triangle and wrapped around the face, with the halfway point being placed over the mouth and nose, sometimes coupled with goggles, to keep sand out of the face Raiders Derek Carr Jersey

Derek Carr Youth Jersey It is charged at 17 A calf muscle injury cut last season short for him by one game”Ciara, once infamously the subject of a homiletic philippic by an overwrought Leitrim priest who felt that Sonia was giving a bad example by being an unmarried mother, is now 2 and a total livewire He was a pro football player who, after being involved in an accident with experimental chemicals, fire and ultra rare football souvenirs, gained football related superpowers, instead of burning asphyxiation related death He’s won a Silver Slugger Award an award given out to the best hitter at each position on a team five times, including once last year There is a stair case leading up to the train tracks near the bridge to Machu Picchu The previous, final round loss was little to worry about, the Blues showing good signs before being caught by the Saints, who were playing for a home final

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Scheelhaase 2 of the Univers

Mens Aaron Rodgers Jersey Other organizations don’t have ‘the balls’ the Rams have

Colin Kaepernick Jerseys KSDK Michael Sam says he’s “pissed off” for greatness.

“Let me tell you something,” he told local media during a conference call Saturday afternoon, after the St. Louis Rams selected him in the 7th round as the 249th pick in the 2014 NFL draft. “If we were playing the Vikings right now, I’d probably have three sacks in the first game.” Eddie Lacy Jerseys

The 6’2″, 252 pound co defensive SEC player of the year and standout University of Missouri defensive end thought he should have been drafted earlier, based on his accomplishments alone. And now that he has a shot at playing in the NFL, he’s blazing another trail: as the first openly gay player to be drafted into the league. Aaron Rodgers Jerseys

But he says that’s not what matters to him. Marcus Mariota Jersey

Colin Kaepernick Youth Jersey “What I do on the field will determine how great Michael Sam will be,” he said.

Marcus Mariota Jerseys But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t emotional about being chosen. You can watch the video below to see how he and his loved ones reacted to the news:

Michael Sam had a tearful reaction when he found out the St. Louis Rams had drafted him. Packers Aaron Rodgers Jersey

Sam came out in two separate New York Times and ESPN interviews in February. He said his teammates at Mizzou have known about his sexuality since August. Womens Russell Wilson Jersey

Mens Odell Beckham Jr And while many scouts had pegged him as a third day pick citing his relatively small size and disappointing showing at the NFL scouting combine Sam still believes his sexuality played a role in why many teams chose not to draft him.

Aaron Rodgers Mens Jersey “From last year alone, I should have been in the top three rounds, easily,” he said. “You know what? It doesn’t matter who was talking to me. They didn’t have the balls that St. Louis has. I’m proud to give everything I’ve got for St. Louis.”

Titans Marcus Mariota Jersey As for Sam’s teammates, they’re just glad to have another strong defensive player on the team.

Russell Wilson Womens Jersey “The kid’s a football player,” Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis said. “I don’t think [drafting Sam] was courageous. I think it was a calculated move by the organization I think football wise it was a smart decision.”

The significance of the decision wasn’t lost, however, on coach Jeff Fisher. Odell Beckham Jr Mens Jersey

“From a historic standpoint, I’m honored to be a part of it,” he said. Youth Colin Kaepernick Jersey

Odell Beckham Jr Giants Jersey It isn’t the first time the Rams have broken barriers.

Seahawks Russell Wilson Jersey A full year before Jackie Robinson became the first black player in Major League Baseball, the then Los Angeles Rams inked a deal with Kenny Washington, the first African American to join a professional sports team.

St. Louis Rams draft pick Michael Sam is the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL. But did you know the Rams brought on a black player on year before Jackie Robinson made history? Odell Beckham Jr Jerseys

Time will tell if Sam paves the way for other gay players to be drafted. The NFL has already pledged its support toward the newest St. Louis Ram. Packers Eddie Lacy Jersey

“We admire Michael Sam’s honesty and courage,” the NFL said in a statement back in February. “Michael is a football player. Any player with ability and determination can succeed in the NFL. We look forward to welcoming and supporting Michael Sam in 2014.” Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey

Marcus Mariota Titans Jersey Although some members of the St. Louis community didn’t seem thrilled to welcome Michael Sam to their hometown team (they refused to speak on camera), others say they’re excited.

Russell Wilson Jersey “It’s fine with me,” one fan told NewsChannel 5. “I mean if he’s open and he wants to play, let him play.”

Russell Wilson Jerseys “I think it’s great,” another said. “I think it’s great they gave him the opportunity to do that.”

“So many people are proud of the St. Louis organization for being the one to make history,” Sam said. 49ers Colin Kaepernick Jersey

Last week, it was announced that he was selected as the winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. ESPN says its honoring Sam for his “courage and honesty that resonates beyond sports.” Colin Kaepernick 49ers Jersey

Aaron Rodgers Jersey “You know, I don’t think there is anything courageous I did,” Sam said. “I look forward to when we can live in a world when gays don’t have to come out in public.”

Colin Kaepernick Jersey Sam is one of 11 players drafted by the Rams, and when he shows up for mini camp with the other rookies on Monday, he says his goal is to help his team win.

Eddie Lacy Jersey “It’s all about football,” he said. “I’ve prepared for this moment for a very long time. I’m excited, I’m ready and I’m so determined.

Can Michael Sam play football? Yes I can, and the St. Louis Rams know I can and I’m going to give everything I’ve got to the St. Louis Rams to help them win a championship.” Youth Eddie Lacy Jersey

ST. LOUIS SEPTEMBER 4: Michael Sam 52 of the University of Missouri Tigers looks to sack Nathan Scheelhaase 2 of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini during the State Farm Arch Rivalry game on September 4, 2010 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. The Tigers defeated the Fighting Illini 23 13. Russell Wilson Seahawks Jersey

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facilities before February

Summer Special rate is good for new subscribers who have not been a Press subscriber for at least 30 daysAlabama, which took an early 21 6 lead, fell behind, battled back and had a throw into the end zone for a potential tying touchdown, but Blake Sims’ long pass was intercepted by the Buckeyes’ Tyvis Powell I can’t think of any Parisian who doesn’t have a bookshelf Guard Brian Pegg (6 7, So3 Ways to Wolf WhistleChoose your finger combination Programmes des activits APN 2008 2009 4 A great visual that is stunning and captivating goes a long way to convincing your critique panel about your scheme eric wood mens jersey

Same old short fuse Younger patients, usually athletes, tend to sustain a traumatic avulsionof the tendon at its insertion into the navicular, while middle aged or elderly individuals often suffer a mid substance inflammatoryor degenerative type tear,2 as in our caseAn initial test on Monday showed he or she had no sign of the virus, but because of how it develops, a second test is required”Nobody seems to be hurt “But we want to be more than a good business; we want to be a business that we are proud ofChrysler spokesman Nick Cappa said the investigation is ongoing so his company doesn’t know how many cars it’s going to recall, but it would probably involve the 2006 Dodge Charger So why doesn he come back to the United States to face charges? Snowden says that a fair question, but an ignorant one dan carpenter womens jersey

bills dan carpenter womens jersey The Cleveland Cavaliers got a guard to team up with Kyrie Irving, but it not the one guard that many people thought it would be: they selected Dion Waiters, from Syracuse, with the fourth pick overall in Thursday night NBA Draft”Even on the German football field, Nike is increasingly sidelining Adidas,” Speich was due to tell the AGM I then upped the voltage until the computer was completely stable This is perhaps an even more forward thinking move than opening the stores because the management will be able to be close to the action, a good thing if an initiative falls flat CapIf you’ve ever been head butted hard, you’ll know it’s a surprisingly violent act and somewhat of a coward’s ploy because you’re expecting the threat to come from your opponent’s fists and he up and clocks you with his skon The gray wolf was the first animal to be domesticated out of the wild, long before the cow, horse, or goat

e j manuel youth jersey They did not do what is necessary, they didn take that step required to protect someone who is an adult that needs these kinds of services, someone like Laura who desperately needed this kind of help did not get it when she should have gotten it I’m a bit older, said United States Geological Survey geophysicist Randy BaldwinThe back garden of the house is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge, and features a patio and the treehouse The metal is full of ‘free’ electrons that do not stick to any particular atom Benton filed a missing person’s report on her daughter that night Thomas More’s Rob McElderry and Jalcolby Broussard) to look at it as one last chance to play high school football,” Savoie said

bills dan carpenter mens jersey “Dean and Paul had latched on to punk in 1976 when it was still in its infancy”Veterans deserve to have full faith in their VA health care Tickets will be available March 14 through Live Nation’s website and mobile app sure Gifts are bonuses Alabama Psychiatric Services says it will shut down its facilities before February 13, 2015 in a move that will affect approximately 250 employees and around 28,000 patients Scroll, zoom in and out, or jump to my lenses focusing on different parts of my trip by clicking the colored markers

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boils down to three word

But this dual chamber design dispenses the correct ratio with a press of the pump, and it saves the leftovers for touch ups that are a perfect matchFor Officer Heidi Lambley, who patrols on weekends in Pullman, it has become a familiar scene a night of drinking, a walk home in the dark, and then a fall from an alarming height John Pomeroy of the Racine Police Department Jacksonville Jaguars David Pollack DE Georgia, (6’3 260 4 The more we stare, the less we like When we embrace our virtues and incorporate their energy into our perception of life, we uncover our capacity for wholeness and wellness 11, 1960, produced winds of 90 to 100 mph in Sarasota County, but the eye made landfall at Naples and swept up the middle of the peninsula authentic fred jackson mens jersey

But the tech visionary, a practicing Buddhist and strict vegetarian, pursued alternative therapies for nine months before eventually electing to follow a more conventional path That’s in mild cases of decompression sicknessAIDS Calgary Awareness Association presents the 2012 Scotiabank AIDS Walk for LifeCALGARY, ALBERTA (Marketwire Sept Describe Willliam Wundt’s first experiment and why is it consideredthe first experiment in psychology?Q4 The station has a small cafeteriaPotter’s body is stronger and would have no trouble with handling the QBL, but his true strength will come from the mental toughness he learned during six months in Spain806 placed him third on the all time Division II coaching list when he retired in 2009 bills fred jackson mens jersey

Return to the starting position”It’s so advanced we can’t make that many of them,” Cartwright said Ninety percent of the time, the dealership can get the parts quickly and complete the repair within a day, he said Sentencing hearings are scheduled for Feb Christians there are constantly harassed, intimidated, discriminated and not allowed to practice their faith freely and openly”The biggest pitfall in an age gap relationship is the jealousy and insecurity that often occurs The majority of our users are 18+ bills fred jackson youth jersey

fred jackson youth jersey They kept the chains moving with nine rushing first downs, averaged 4 “It is because the lane sits at least a storey higher than the garden,” he saidIf not probable, it at least plausible the Canes can be 7 0 going into a Nov If you have ADHD, you have it all day, seven days a week and probably all your life 1 sports topic in Tampa Bay in bars, gyms, living rooms, over cubicles, around water coolers boils down to three words: Marcus or Jameis?The Tampa Bay Buccaneers own the top overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft, by virtue of recording the worst (2 14) record in the league, and it just so happens that the consensus top two prospects are quarterbacks Marcus Mariota of Oregon and Jameis Winston of Florida StateOn Nov From Newest to Oldest: Will return the found stories in reverse chronological order

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How a City in Sweden Made Their Children Healthier

Uppsala a city in Sweden has found an innovative way to improve the health (both physical and mental) of the children in the city while they endure the dark winters, light the playground.

With the installation of adjustable LED lighting the park found that during a two week period before the installation of the lighting children on average played outside for an average of 72 minutes a day while after the lights had been installed children were playing outside for 99 minutes this is a 37% increase in time that children would play outside for.

The children who participated in the study were aged between five and six, it was found that with the increase of time spent outdoors that the time the children spent watching television and playing on gadgets such as tablets, games consoles and phones decreased by 15% to 61 minutes a day compared to the 72 minutes they had previously spent. Another observation was that the children spent more time with their parents as they were also playing with their children in the playground.

Parents of the children involved in the study found that there was an improvement in the mood, appetites and sleeping patterns of their children once the lights had been installed in the playground. After playing outside 57% of parents noticed a positive change in their child’s mood, 28% also noticed that their child’s appetite was better after being outside playing and 43% of parents claimed that their child’s sleeping pattern was impacted in a positive way.

Phillips who carried out the study made the point of saying that having a good night of sleep can have positive effects on a persons health including reducing the risk of obesity and depression, they also stated that memory and brain development could be improved through a good nights sleep. During the winter months there are only six hours of daylight each day so with children sending more time outside playing rather than playing on gadgets means that the circadian rhythm can be reset.

The Mayer of Uppsala who has two children made the comment that children are benefiting from the playground and the lights that have been installed in it as the winter months are so dark.


Sharing our Information with LEDs

Research carried out by lighting giant GE has found that we are more than willing to share our personal information including the location of our phones with retailers, this is much higher than originally predicted and there is in fact a desire for this form of connectivity.

Out of those who participated in the survey there were only 21% of people who were not comfortable sharing information with retailers, making it look as if the fear over privacy is over estimated. There were 1000 participants involved in the survey ranging across many ages who were asked about how they felt about Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS). IPS works by using technology including Bluetooth, cameras and Visible Light Communication (VLC) and is integrated into existing light fittings and other forms of infrastructure to communicate with customers technology including mobile phones. IPS can pinpoint the customer’s location to within two meters of where they are positioned.

Of the 79% of participants who were willing to share their information with retailers 75% of these felt that the retailers would then be able to provide support in terms of navigation around their stores. On top of this 59% felt that they would be more likely to visit the stores if they had offers and promotions tailored to their interests.

When analyzing the results the researchers found that there was a split between age groups, those aged between 18 and 24 were a lot less concerned about privacy with just 8% saying that they did not trust retailers with their personal information including location, compared to 28% of those aged over 55. Continuing with this 59% of people felt that the option to opt in to services that can track their location.

39% of consumers are said to have used their mobiles while in stores to compare and check prices of products within that store and of other stores that sell the same product. It was also discovered that 66% of those surveyed felt that their experience of visiting stores where you can interact with them would improve their overall experience of the store.


New Energy Rules for UK Businesses

In July of 2014 all large businesses with over 250 employees have to comply wit the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESoS). This scheme requires large organisations to confront how much energy is being consumed and trying to find ways to reduce their consumption. The scheme gives businesses the opportunity to make changes but they are under no legal obligation to make any changes to their energy consumption at all.

With the scheme in full flow those who registered their eligibility in December 2014 are now trying to make sure that the essential audit is carried out by December of this year.

There are however always some companies and organisations that feel that the ESoS is just another box checking exercise that dose not necessarily need to be payed attention to or completed. there are however companies that are using this as an opportunity to save energy and money.  However with the audits being compulsory companies do have to stand up and face reality in terms of how much energy they are using annually, this could give those businesses who are dragging their heels the motivation to change their ways saving up to £1.6 billion for UK companies.

When asked how important prioritizing energy efficiency is by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) 91% of those businesses asked stated that it was ‘high’ or ‘quite high’ importance.

Businesses can make changes in lighting to save energy in a prompt manner with fairly little cost compared to other energy saving methods, the return on investment (ROI) is a major incentive as it is usually repaid quickly in less than five years in many cases.

up to 40% of a buildings electricity use comes from lighting alone so it is no wonder that the guidance from ESoS surrounding lighting suggests LED lighting, Occupancy Sensors, daylight sensors and effective management as a way to reduce the cost of lighting and energy savings within a building. It is clear to see that the government is still investing time into improving lighting and reducing the energy emitted from lights.

Many people see changing lighting as an obvious way to reduce energy and energy costs lighting has come a long way in recent years and has the ability to change further in the next decade possibly becoming more cost effective. Customers will however need guidance on what products are available and that best suit them and their business.

CFL’s were once seen as highly energy efficient and while they still are compared to LEDs they don’t emit the same brightness, have a higher energy consumption and produce excess heat that LED does not, LEDs are capable of saving a consumer up to 75% energy use and this proves to be hugely popular. It is also claimed by the Carbon Trust that new LED fittings prove to be even more effective at saving energy and reducing energy bills than LED retro fit lamps.

LED Lighting in 2030

A report that has been released by the US department of energy has predicted that by 2030 74% of the lighting market will be white LED light sources.The study focused on four areas of lighting throughout their research including residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor stationary lighting. The report that is named energy Savings Potential of Solid-state Lighting in General Illumination Applications, has made the prediction that  the worlds need and reliance on LED light forms will save us 2.7 trillion Kilowatt hours of energy over the next two decades. With these savings being made 1.8 billion tones of carbon in the form of green house gasses will also be reduced. By 2020 it is predicted that 36% of the lighting market will be penetrated with LED lighting with the level of penetration reaching 74% by 2030. With this in mind the electricity consumed by lighting could reduce to as much as 46%.

Though this study focuses on the US market and energy uses the savings made could also be reflected in other parts of the world including the UK and Europe as a whole. But with 2030 being 15 years away there is always the possibility that further advancements in LED’s occur or the possibility that more developments in lighting could steer us away from LED lighting and onto other ways to light our buildings for a fraction of the price.