Commercial re-lamping

Re-lamping is the term used to describe the process of replacing lamps and tubes in your business premises with new lamps and tubes. Re-lamping is undertaken to reduce lighting energy costs, maintenance costs and associated carbon footprint.

Uniquely, UKLED provide a comprehensive and complete commercial re-lamping service, migrating our clients from their existing lighting to high specification, low cost LED lamps and tubes guaranteed to significantly reduce both energy and maintenance costs as well as making a substantial reduction to their carbon footprint.

UKLED have designed and manufacture a complete range of high specification lamps and tubes to meet the most exacting requirements of any re-lamping project.

UKLED are able to undertake commercial re-lamping projects for all sectors of business and industry as well as local government requirements.

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Re-lamping at The Best Western Cross Lanes Hotel

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The Blizzard of Jan

Blizzard Anniversary Day (37th anniversary of the Blizzard of and 48th anniversary of the Blizzard of see thread below). The ranks as the 1 snowstorm ever for Grand Rapids and much of Lower Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. history. Sarnia, Ontario reported a barometer of 28.21 and Grand Rapids also set a record barometer reading 28.68 Grand Rapids had 15 of snow in about 15 hours (19.2 total). Muskegon picked up 52 of snow in 4 days. The Traverse City area had up to 28 Houghton Lake and Indianapolis had over 15 of snow and Lansing recorded over 19 South Bend recorded a four day total of 36 Wind gusts of 42 mph blew the snow off roofs (a good thing). Wind gusts in Ohio topped 80 mph. The storm hit on a Wednesday Night, and many schools didn reopen until the following Monday. The heavy snow started shortly after 10 PM on 1/25. I measured a snow drift 14 feet high. Drifts in Ohio reached 20 feet. The entire Ohio turnpike was closed as was most of I 75 through Lower Michigan and Ohio. All air and rail service came to a halt. I was at the TV station for 3 days without leaving. One news anchor came to work on a snowmobile. For you weather junkies storm deepened 40 millibars in 24 hours we call that Seventy deaths were blamed on the storm, including 51 in Ohio. At least 22 people in Ohio died outside while struggling through the blizzard. Another 13 people were found dead in stuck cars, and 13 died in unheated homes. The National Guard were called out in Michigan and Ohio and the University of Michigan closed for the first time in 140 years. Over 125.000 vehicles were abandoned in the storm. It took 3 to 5 days to move the abandoned cars and open the expressways. and the 5th coldest March. Snow piles from the storm lingered into April. Read more about the storm here in Michigan, in Ohio, cool pictures and more here. Here the governor of Ohio voice with a little film. Here some eyewitness accounts from West Michigan and . Mark sent a link to pics. from Breckenridge. Here write up on the storm from the NWS in Detroit. Leave a comment if you have a memory of the big storm. . This thread has been moved up from last year. Also, here TIME MAGAZINE top ten blizzards of all time. Here a . More from NWS on the Blizzard of /entry >

Temperatures in the 20s are some 40 degrees colder than the day before, and heavy snow begins falling, piling up a foot or more along with increasing winds.

A storm known as the Cleveland Superbomb moves north from the Gulf of Mexico and deepens explosively, becoming one of the worst blizzards in Midwest history. From one to two feet of snow falls across southern Lower Michigan, whipped into huge drifts by strong gusty winds. Several new records were set including a new record low sea level barometric pressure of 28.68 , observed at 6:00 AM. At least 9 deaths were attributed to the blizzard, most roads were impassable, roofs collapsed under the weight of the snow and the airport in Grand Rapids was closed from late on the 25th until the 27th. Governor Milliken declared a state of emergency and requested additional federal aid for snow removal. Ahhhh The MEMORIES !!! Stay Tuned.

Yes, I have noticed this in flying aircraft as well. Surface winds don always extend hundreds of feet up. Often a wind layer or current as I like to think of them, just above the surface can travel in a completely different direction and velocity than winds that occur at the surface. I not sure if there is a weather term for this as it not a rare event, but it not common either. Wind direction and velocity varies considerably as altitude increases.

When you get sudden wind direction and velocity changes at the surface it is usually a good indication of what is called windshear and is particularly hazardous to aircraft of all sizes, but especially to smaller aircraft. It my opinion cheap jerseys china that is what caused the small plane to flip over at Holland a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to fly that day as moderate turbulence and windshear were present all day.

Sorry the aviation nerd came out in me.

Lived in Montreal for awhile, they would get some big storms. No one thought much of them, snow hip deep. The city did a great job keeping the street clean so the buses could run. Businesses remained opened , they expected you to show up, but you could arrive late and leave early. Remember leaving the car on the side of the road several times, had to leave a marker on the antenna so you could go back later and dig it out, some times the plow would box it in. Remember standing on the roof of the car and digging it out. So after living there, I compare most winters to them. Sorry to say Michigan is very tame, thought it would be the same. Jersey came close a few times cheap nhl jerseys china and Maryland had great ice/snow storms.

Now for the 1967, 1973,1978 storms in Bay City the 3 storms were very similar with the 1967 storm have a more snow. But the 1973 storm had the most wind and the most snow in the shortest period of time (and a flood at the same time)Had to use Saginaw snow fall totals as I can not find any for Bay City. In the 1967 storm we were snowed in for 5 days (and we lived in town) and there was no school for 8 days. In the 1978 storm I had two days off from work (not sure how long school was closed) but some people were snow in for over a week then as well. But were I lived our road was plowed late Thursday night.

I think this may have been the storm I took my snowmobile to 28th Street and made a turn or two around Rogers Plaza just to say I did it. Took 44th to Clyde Park, north to 28th and around I went. Wyoming cops waved and I waved back. They usually gave chase but not this evening! Nothing much wholesale jerseys moving and yes we were jumping off the roofs into the snowbanks. Only problem was GETTING BACK OUT!!!

As for snowmobiling? Unless you had a wide 18 track going into the fields you just got stuck after awhile. I had cheap jerseys china a Yamaha GP338 with a 15 track. Didn do good in the fields but ran REAL WELL on the streets!

I was in the Kent County Jail for the 78 Blizzard, Listening to the Radio and the few Guards That could make it in. it sounded Bad out there. I had no idea how bad it really was until i saw pictures of it. The 67 storm i remember Cars that were left in the school parking lot were all pushed to the south side of the parking lot and were buried in snow. 18 years old and to be able to go bar hoping didn work out to well for me. picked up 2 DUI and Clocked a Police OfficerArticles Connexes: