Our wide range of products, especially designed to improve your working environment, include: Cone Lamps, Eco LED tubes, Filament Technology, Floodlights, PL Lamps, LED tubes, Lowbay and Highbay Lighting, Panels, Spots and Street Lamps. 
Our product range continually evolves in response to demand and technological developments. Controversially, some councils are switching off street lighting at certain times in order to make budget cuts. This measure is highly unpopular due to the resulting safety issues. However the much lower energy consumption of LED offers a viable alternative to simply switching off the lights. Accordingly we have recently developed our street lighting range to respond to this demand. 
In particular you will find all the re-lamping information you need with clear indications of which LED products replace your existing lamps. We are justifiably proud of the fact that we can provide a retrofit LED replacement for most existing lighting. If, on rare occasions, we find that we cannot do this, then we can often suggest an alternative solution, such as replacing a unit containing several T5 fluorescent tubes with a 600 x 600 LED panel. 
Each of our listed products has a brief description followed by an access button to the technical specifications. These specifications include a picture of the product and further information on product description and application including: 
the product code 
power consumption 
initial lumens 
average rated life 
power supply (voltage) 
operating temperature 
beam angle 
product it replaces 


We manufacture a variety of products such as T8 tubes, spotlights and street lamps, at our Bromborough premises. As well as allowing us to closely monitor the quality and consistency of our products, having our own unit reduces supply issues. Our testing sphere provides us with the facility to test and measure the performance of our products, invaluable for future improvements. 

Bespoke Products 

Please ask about our custom made solutions. One of our customers has just asked us to make unconventionally sized flat panel lamps for his yacht and of course we were delighted to oblige. Having our own manufacturing unit gives us the flexibility to respond to diverse customer requirements. 

Filament Technology 

This low energy LED lighting is designed to mimic the appearance of old style incandescent lighting. It is particularly attractive to those customers who wish to retain a more traditional d├ęcor, especially restaurants, theatres and heritage buildings. 


As the technical director, Colin plays a large part in product innovation. He monitors developments in the industry, ensures that UKLED meets current demands and is accomplished at identifying future trends. 

Our Brochure 

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